Environment, Social and Governance

Sustainable conduct of the SOLVARES Group and its affiliated companies

Solvares Group GmbH and its subsidiaries in which it holds more than 50% of the shares directly or indirectly (hereinafter referred to as the Solvares Group) are dedicated to sustainable corporate governance, upholding elevated standards in the realms of environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance, often denoted as "ESG" for environmental, social and governance.

Within our Group, we prioritise the following sustainability topics:


Mitigation and proficient handling of adverse effects on the environment.

We firmly believe that enhancing our environmental impact will result in sustainable value generation. We acknowledge that decisions often involve conflicting objectives. Nevertheless, our aim is to find the most optimal ecological and economic solution possible.

Our focus lies in the following areas:
  • We strictly adhere to the relevant environmental legislation at each location and maintain a "zero tolerance" policy.
  • We believe that effective risk management also encompasses the prevention of environmental damage.
  • We endeavour to minimise our use of energy, hazardous materials, and water.
  • We aim to prevent or, when unavoidable, minimise the generation of waste.
  • We strive to attain the utmost reuse and recycling rates achievable

Work and social affairs

Advocating for excellent working conditions, upholding high social standards and positively contributing to society.

We firmly believe that ensuring secure working conditions, fostering personal development opportunities, and implementing appealing remuneration schemes are crucial factors in both attracting and retaining exceptional employees. It is equally important for us to make a positive contribution to our environment.

We extensively engage with the following topics:
  • Ensuring occupational safety, safeguarding the health of employees and cultivating a non-discriminatory work environment.
  • Providing opportunities for continuous training and personal development for our employees.
  • Offering remuneration schemes based on systems that aptly reward success and performance.
  • We uphold and acknowledge the autonomy of collective bargaining and adhere to collective bargaining laws.
  • We abide by international conventions regarding the safeguarding of human rights.
  • We are dedicated to prohibiting all forms of child labour.
If circumstances necessitate reducing the workforce due to economic or corporate crises, we recognise our significant responsibility to safeguard jobs to the extent possible. Our goal is to identify the most optimal solution considering both social and economic factors.

Corporate governance and business ethics

Compliance with the highest standards and advocacy for sound business practices.

We place the highest demands on compliance with established corporate governance standards. Adhering to legal regulations is paramount to us, and we maintain a "zero tolerance" policy in this regard. We vehemently oppose all forms of corruption or any unethical business practices.

Our Code of Conduct embodies our fundamental values and guiding principles.

There are clear rules and regulations for structuring and overseeing the compliance system, encompassing its continuous development and the routine provision of information to employees as well as information about our whistleblower portal.

With the support of our Advisory Board:
  • Implement measures to enhance our ESG performance and consistently address ESG matters during Advisory Board meetings.
  • Establish both qualitative and quantitative indicators for our ESG performance, aiming for objectivity where feasible and routinely share these results with shareholders in a suitable manner
  • Review ESG criteria in an appropriate manner before undertaking add-on acquisitions.
Moreover, in cases of significant ESG-related incidents, we promptly report to the shareholders, disclosing the actions taken, where legally permissible and appropriate in terms of content. Such serious incidents include, for example, events like accidents causing personal injury or substantial environmental pollution.
Sustainability Officer
Solvares Group GmbH designates a joint Sustainability Officer for the Solvares Group, who reports to the management of the respective (subsidiary) company. The Sustainability Officer is tasked with implementing this guideline comprehensively, conducting regular reviews and revising it as needed.

Version 01/2024

Environment, Social and Governance of the
Solvares Group GmbH

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