What are the advantages of moving to the cloud besides cost effects and better organisation?


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  09 February 2023  ·    Bettina Marksteiner
When it comes to reasons for switching to the cloud, financial advantages and infrastructure improvements are usually cited: Companies need fewer IT resources of their own, save a large initial investment and can use a flexible subscription model with clearly predictable costs. Here are 7 more unusual reasons for the cloud.

1. You are ready for the next pandemic

Researchers assume that the next pandemic is only a matter of time. Let's hope not, but in the event that we are threatened with a similar scenario as in the past three years with lockdowns and home offices, companies are better equipped with the cloud than with on-site solutions. Because the cloud allows location-independent working and virtual cooperation, it may even contribute to health protection.

2. You do something for the environment

By moving to the cloud, you save energy. You can easily ramp up or down your server capacity needs, reducing power consumption and CO2 emissions. In addition, your employees need fever paper printouts when the data and documents they need are always available, from anywhere in the cloud.

3. You save yourself the `draft, approval, and revised versions

Via the cloud, several people can work on the same file at the same time. This saves sending the file back and forth and merging the different versions - no more long e-mail chains and no more asking which is the current version. You also no longer need to worry about how to get to the file that is stuck in the mailbox of a colleague who is on sick leave.

4. As an SME, you are catching up with the big players

Not every company can afford extensive in-house IT to develop its own solutions, achieve the standards required today, and to maintain them. By moving to a mature cloud environment, even small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can get there. It allows you to keep up with the big guys and react quickly to changes in the market. And as you grow, it's easy to scale with the cloud.


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5. You can sleep more soundly

For a long time, reservations about the cloud concerned the security of data. But the scepticism is disappearing more and more - and rightly so. The protection and safeguarding of data is the basis of the cloud providers' business model, which is why they have implemented the highest security standards and may apply critical patches within minutes. In addition, cloud-based solutions offer protection against data loss due to theft, accidents and other disasters, as the data is stored on several offsite servers with reactive security.

6. You save yourself internal squabbles

Developing software yourself (make instead of buy) brings with it the typical pitfalls, from sprawling project overheads to internal competition for IT capacity. Even when using purchased on-premise solutions, you are constantly dependent on internal resources for the local installation of the software and the manual import of updates. With the directly usable cloud and its automatically distributed updates, you save yourself much of this.

7. You polish your employer brand

By using cloud solutions, your company has made the choice to move to more modern practices. This also affects the perception of your brand. With the cloud, you use the state-of-the-art and your employees work in a modern, technologically advanced environment that supports remote working. You have left the often decades-old design of legacy-systems behind you. - Last but not least, the cloud is a comprehensive image gain for your employer brand.

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